Alberta Blue Cross

Patients will only be responsible for any co-pay not covered under their benefit plan. In addition to deductibles and coinsurance amounts, expenses may be covered by a Health Spending Account depending on each individual plan. If you carry another insurance type we can provide you with the necessary receipts in order to make a claim. Please call your insurance company for information on the specifics of your coverage.

We are also affiliated with the GSA (University of Alberta) and provide student rates for anyone attending post-secondary. Please call for any further inquiries.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident? Did you know you are entitled to accident benefits coverage regardless of whether you were at fault for the accident? The benefits you receive will depend on the type of injury you have. Here are the steps to getting started.
What to do if you are injured in an Automobile Accident:

  1. See a Primary Health Care Practitioner such as your Chiropractor
  2. File an injury accident report with the police if necessary
  3. Complete the attached Notice of Loss and Proof of Claim Form (AB-1). We provide these forms in our clinic.
  4. You will be contacted about the benefits you are entitled to receive after the insurance company reviews the completed forms faxed by our office.

Every motor vehicle liability insurance policy comes with a minimum amount of medical coverage. This insurance covers the driver and any passengers in the vehicle at the time of the accident. If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, and carry insurance, you have up to 12 weeks of Chiropractic, Massage, and Acupuncture services. Chiropractors are primary physicians who diagnose and initiate the treatment process. Call and get started today!


As health care providers we play a major role in your daily well-being. If you are injured at work our chiropractors can assess, treat and report to WCB. This must be done within 48 hours of your injury. Please call and make your appointment today.


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  • Soft Tissue Cupping